Production index

Wind and production indices support the correlation of short-term wind measurements and production data to an adequate long reference time period which shall be representative for the long term mean wind profile.

Long term correlated data are essential for verification of the calculated wind- and production potential and influence the uncertainty of these calculations therefore directly.

In Germany in addition to the often used IWET wind index we generally calculate a site specific index for the respective wind turbine or wind measurement. This index is based on data from our anemos wind atlas which allows a site specific correlation with diurnal production data or 30-minute-data of wind speeds. We choose a 20 year reference period and calculate the variation of different refence periods in each case.


On the basis of our wind atlases in combination with typical power curves we offer a monthly wind and production index.

  • site specific index
  • wind turbine specific index
  • based on anemos wind atlas
  • 20 years reference period

We offer the following indices:

  • Germany, 5x5 km², since 1990
  • Poland, 5x5 km², since 1990
  • Europe, 20x20 km², since 1990

Your area is not included? You want a wind farm specific index? Please contact us.