anemos wind atlas

The anemos wind atlases essentially are refinements (downscaling) of reanalysis data performed with the three-dimensional atmospheric flow model MM5 using high-resolution terrain and land-use data.

The continuous verification with wind and energy output data shows the advantage of these data in comparison to wind data from weather stations.

Our wind atlases, originally developed for the long-term correlation of wind measurements, have become indispensable for:

  • Initial estimate of wind and energy potential
  • Long-term correlation of wind measurements and turbine production data
  • Mesoscale wind potential maps
  • Model forcing for simulation models (WAsP and CFD)
  • Calculation of the energy loss during prescribed turn-off times (e.g. because of bat protection)
  • Temporal wind and production information (diurnal and seasonal cycle)


The following wind atlases are available regularly for the time period from 1990 on:

  • Germany, 3x3 km², temporal resolution of 10 min
  • Poland, 3x3 km², temporal resolution of 10 min
  • Europe, 20x20 km², temporal resolution of 10 min

If you need wind atlas data for a different area, please contact us. We model it within a narrow time frame.

We offer the following products based on our wind atlas data:

  • Colored wind speed maps in JPG format or wind speed data as Shape file
  • Analysis reports based on a wind atlas time series containing
    • Mean wind speed
    • Sectorial Weibull parameters
    • Frequency distributions of wind speed and wind direction
    • Plot of the annual course of the wind speed
    • windrose
    • Annual energy production
    • Plot of the annual course of the energy production
  • Google Earth products
    • Format: KML/KMZ
    • Mean wind speed
    • optional:
    • Weibull parameters
    • Wind roses
    • weibul
    • Frequency distribution of the wind speed
    • Plot of the annual course of the wind speed
  • Time series of wind speed, wind direction, and air temperature in ASCII format
  • Complete wind atlas including software WINDLAS