Wind measurements
lidar wind cube v2

We plan, install and conduct wind measurements in accordance with IEC / MEASNET guidelines and directives of the TR 6 technical guideline according to the highest international standards.

anemos offers the conduction of a complete wind measurement campaign as well as the individual analysis of your time series including the determination of the long-term wind potential by means of correlation with suitable long-term reference data.

Both measurement campaigns organised by us as well as external measurements are subjected to regular data checks that allow for a quick reaction to potential interferences. Monthly data reports inform about the status of the measurement.

met mast
  • Planning
    • Site selection
    • Measurement systems
      • Met Mast
      • LiDAR
      • SoDAR
    • Instrumentation and sensors
    • Functionality test
  • Implementation
    • Construction supervision and installation
    • Installation report according to IEC / MEASNET guidelines
    • Regular checks of the measurement system
    • Fast reaction in case of any malfunction
    • Monthly data report
  • Analysis
    • Wind data assessment
    • Long-term references
      • MERRA
      • NCEP / NCAR
      • ERA-Interim
      • Weather stations
    • Analytic report